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Why Choose Plan Management

In amongst the preparation and paperwork for an NDIS plan meeting it can be overlooked how you would like the money to be managed. There are three options NDIS participants can choose from:

  1. Self-Managed – participants elect to organise receipts and invoices themselves and access the NDIS portal to make their own claims manually.
  2. Agency Managed – Participants elect to have the NDIA manage their funds and pay providers on your behalf. Only providers that are registered with the NDIS can be paid under this method.
  3. Plan Managed – Participants nominate an independent provider to take care of provider communications as well as payments.

There can be a significant impact on the supports available to you under the three options and the ability to get the most from your NDIS plan and open your options for the providers that you choose.

If you are wanting the flexibility to use providers that are not registered with the NDIA and you are worried about the workload involved in self-managing the plan then choosing  plan managed is a great solution.

We at Jigsaw Plan Management can take care of all the boring stuff like paperwork and administrative tasks and give you the choice, flexibility, capacity, ability and control over your plan.

It is important to know that plan management comes at no cost to the participant.

Our Role

As plan managers we assist participants by receiving, checking and lodging invoices and then arranging payment to those providers in a timely manner giving participants and their families freedom to focus on other parts of their life.

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